Martin Ehrbar

Martin Ehrbar has studied Biology at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland and conducted his PhD from 2000 till 2004 at the Department of Materials at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland. After a postdoc and a group leader position both at the Department of craniofacial surgery of the University of Zurich, Switzerland he became head of research at the Department of Obstetrics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He obtained his Venia Legendi from the medical faculty of  University of Zurich, Switzerland in 2017. His research focusses on the engineering of materials that promote the healing of bone and fetal membranes. Toward this aim, he developed synthetic poly(ethylene glycol)-based hydrogels (TG-PEG) that are enzymatically cross-linked by factor XIII. He developed strategies to immobilize growth factors within these hydrogels and to establish three-dimensional (3D) patterned tissue models. He uses TG-PEG hydrogels to isolate healing-associated stem/progenitor cells and to study the role of these cells in tissue healing. He applies the acquired knowledge form tissue healing to develop materials with improved tissue healing and regeneration functions. Currently, he is developing TG-PEG hydrogel implants for the formation of human MSC induced bone ossicles that serve to evaluate the homing and metastasis of healthy (haematopoietic stem cells) and diseased (leukemia or breast cancer) cells to human bone and bone marrow.