Bonnie Sloane

Dr. Sloane is Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at Wayne State University and was Leader of Protease and Breast Cancer Biology Programs at the Karmanos Cancer Institute. She co-founded the International Proteolysis Society, was a Special Assistant to the Cancer Imaging Program of the National Cancer Institute and Director of a multi-institutional DoD Breast Cancer Center of Excellence. The primary research emphasis of her laboratory is proteolytic pathways in the progression of premalignant breast disease to invasive carcinomas. Her group established a role for the lysosomal cysteine protease cathepsin B and endogenous inhibitors of cysteine cathepsins in malignant progression. They identified molecular mechanisms for the increased expression of cathepsin B in human tumors and binding partners that are responsible for alterations in its localization in tumors. They have been leaders in applying imaging to the analysis of protease activity and has developed 3D co-culture models to recapitulate the architecture of breast tumors and their microenvironment and live-cell assays for imaging protease activity therein in real-time. These models and assays are being adapted to screening platforms that can be used for high content imaging, mathematical modeling and testing of therapeutic agents in the context of tumors and their cellular and pathochemical microenvironments.