Bonnie Sloane

Dr. Sloane is Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at Wayne State University. She directed Protease and Cancer Biology Programs at Karmanos, directed a multi-institutional Department of Defense Breast Cancer Center of Excellence focused on proteolytic networks in breast cancer progression and co-founded the International Proteolysis Society. Her group established a role for the lysosomal cysteine protease cathepsin B and endogenous inhibitors of cysteine cathepsins in malignant progression and identified molecular mechanisms for the increased expression of cathepsin B in human tumors and binding partners that are responsible for alterations in its localization in tumors. Dr. Sloane has been a leader in applying imaging to the analysis of protease activity and has developed 3D co-culture models to recapitulate the architecture of breast tumors and their microenvironment and live-cell assays for imaging protease activity therein in real-time. These models and assays are being adapted to screening platforms that can be used for high content imaging and testing of therapeutic agents.

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