Klaudia Brix

Klaudia Brix is an expert in protease cell biology.  Her work specializes in understanding the roles of cathepsins and kallikreins in both normal physiology and disease, particularly with respect to trafficking pathways.  Her group looks into the significance of cathepsins for physiological thyroid function, and focused more recently on rerouting of protease traffic in colorectal and thyroid carcinomas.  The group is further interested in hormonal regulation of proteolysis and how this is connected to G-protein coupled receptor signaling.  After completing her undergraduate and postgraduate training at the University of Bonn, Klaudia took up her current position of Professor of Cell Biology at Jacobs University Bremen.  Her teaching activities comprise molecular cell biology, biomedicine, and chemical biology.  Klaudia was Chair of the 2012 GRC on Proteolytic Enzymes and Their Inhibitors, and will be Chair of the 2018 GRC on Protein Processing, Trafficking, and Secretion.  Klaudia is Co-Coordinator of the Germany-wide, DFG-funded priority program “Thyroid Trans Act”. 

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